4 Out-Of-The-Box Tech Promotional Products To Get Your Brand Recognized

We've all seen the classic cliché handouts at the storefront or trade show: car companies hand out key fobs, your competitors hand out flash drives, and just about everybody hands out pens and T-shirts. To break out of the rut and truly get noticed, an important step is to put your brand on something memorable, not something that will end up in the trash bin fifteen feet away from your booth or storefront. 

Smartphone Accessories

There is hardly a better way to get your brand integrated into the lifestyles of your clientele than by giving them something to use with their smartphone. For starters, a kickstand is a useful product that most consumers don't own for their phones, and they can be very cheap to get with custom printing. Another useful accessory for a smartphone is a dust plug, which even fewer smartphone users own. This might be a little harder to get a brand name on, but the company colors or a tiny logo should suffice. Ear buds are another similar choice, but keep an eye on the cost when ordering them with custom printing. 

Laptop Accessories

Custom laptop accessories are a good way to get your brand name and logo into both the daily and professional lives of your prospective customers. A good option for a useful laptop accessory is a laptop bag, but these can be on the pricey side. To keep your promotional funds from dwindling too quickly, hand these out in exchange for an email address or with a subscription trial, if applicable. Another useful, low-cost laptop accessory would be a keyboard cover, but again, it might be tough to fit a logo on there, so shoot for the company colors and an engaging conversation when handing them out. 

Desktop Accessories

It's not just about mouse pads with this one, as there are dozens of unique ways to put your company's name in front of your customers at work or at home in this area. One popular but underutilized option is the wrist rest, which is very easy to customize and something that most computer users don't know they need until they use one. A couple other useful options include keyboard brushes and screen cleaners, which can quickly become the perfect desktop companions, ensuring their use every single day by your customers. 

To avoid getting stuck in the same rut as most technology companies, skip the cheesy T-shirts, tacky pens and mouse pads. Instead, opt for the trendy and useful accessory for your customers to use every day, all while getting your brand in front of hundreds of new clients.

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