Are Generic Printer Inks Worth It?

Generic printer inks can help consumers and businesses save money on print ink cartridges. Still, many consumers have misgivings about generic printer ink. Printer companies push brand-named printer cartridges onto consumers, touting better quality and reliability. Many consumers faced with the decision to buy brand name or generic printer ink find themselves wondering if generic printer ink is too good to be true.

Knowing the pros and cons of generic printer ink will help the consumers faced with this decision make an informed and intelligent decision:

The Pros

Generic printer inks offer many advantages to budget-minded consumers. Here are a few:

  • Cost. Generic printer ink may cost only a fraction of the cost of brand-name printer inks, and many types of generic printer ink are known to produce more printed pages per cartridge than the brand-name counterparts. While this may seem like a small savings at the checkout counter, over time, this can result in a savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Quality. Although performance may vary between one type of printer ink and another, the apparent quality of many generic printer inks is similar in quality to the brand-name counterparts. 

The Cons

Generic printer inks may save consumers money, but there are disadvantages to using generic printer ink cartridges as well:

  • Unreliable performance. While some generic printer cartridges seem to work seamlessly with printers, other generic printer cartridges can produce printer error messages indicating that the printer doesn't recognize the toner cartridge. 
  • Breakages. Printer companies may claim that generic printer cartridges use low-quality inks that can cause the components of the printer to jam up over time, leading to necessary printer repairs. Brand-name printer cartridges are designed specifically to work in one brand of printer, whereas generic printer companies use inks that are designed to work in many types of printers. This can lead to a dilution of quality that can cause service problems for some printers.
  • Fading ink. While it may be true that many generic toner cartridges produce images that appear similar (or the same) as brand-name counterparts, images printed with generic printer inks can fade faster than images produced by brand name counterparts, especially when exposed UV rays. 

Many consumers use generic printer cartridges because the high cost of brand name cartridges can be prohibitively expensive. Even factoring in the cost of potential printer repairs, many consumers find the lowered expense to be worthwhile. However, consumers who need reliable, high-quality printed material each time may find using brand name printer ink to be a better choice.

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