Marketing Your Art

Your artwork may be universally praised and celebrated by relatives and those people who best know you. The desire to sell specific pieces may be there, but after a few days of having your art on a website you've set up, disappointment may appear. You must develop online and offline marketing expertise if you want your art to get sold. These art marketing recommendations could inspire sales.

1-Identify a Market

As an artist, forcing yourself to draw or paint something related to trending topics can be difficult. You must be inspired, so your art is likely to appeal a certain kind of buyer. It's this buyer you'll have to find for a bump in sales. For example, would you say your pieces are modern and hip? College students could be a perfect market. Does your art hearken back to a simpler time? Seniors could be a better market for you. Once you accept that your art may not be universal and identify a smaller, more specific market, you can set about catering your marketing efforts to them. For instance, seniors aren't using many social media platforms, so you can avoid too much time on that effort.

2-Use POD technology

You can be a great marketing tool for your own work. Print-on-demand technology--POD--can help. By uploading photos of the art you'd like to sell to POD websites, you can transfer the art onto t-shirts, stickers, posters, canvas bags and other materials. As you grocery shop or head out to school events, your t-shirt or canvas bag could generate interest and conversation that will allow you to direct buyers to your art site.

3-Start a Blog

Many people are rather mystified about how artists do their work. With a blog, you can write articles, shoot videos and take photos of your work at every stage, explaining your inspirations and thoughts. When people know the story behind the art pieces you're selling, they could be more interested in making those purchases.

4-Seek Influencers

If social media is useful for your marketing efforts, one way to really improve sales is to seek out influencers in your market. Social media influencers are likely to have hundreds or thousands of followers, and if they post about your art, that can send hundreds of people to your site. Typically, you'll send some work to an influencer or strike up a conversation with them and ask them if they'd be willing to post about your work. The more followers an influencer has, the more likely they will charge money. You can browse influencers on many websites set up for that task.

Sales should alert you that these marketing suggestions are viable. Digital marketing firms can expand your strategy and really bring in the customers you need. Contact one, like REFRESH MARKETING,  for more help.