Don't Be Random When It Comes To Cyber Security

The closer someone stays rooted in reality, the more chances improve that he/she makes the right business decisions. Unfortunately, even highly successful business executives find themselves prone to believing myths. In particular, they may prescribe to myths related to cyber security. One prominent falsehood, one that government officials warn about, involves the false belief that cyber attacks are exclusively targeted ones. The reality is many cyber attacks are outright random. So business owners should avoid assuming their enterprises remain safe and, instead, consider working with a cyber security firm.

No Business Is Too Small for Hacking

Why would an international cyber criminal organization target a yoga studio in a small town? Likely, hackers wouldn't hold a formal meeting to weigh any decisions to hit a yoga studio in rural America or Canada. Still, the mischievous group wouldn't turn down access to a studio's financial data. Imagine a yoga studio with "only" 80 members who pay through pre-authorized credit card charging. Access to the network allows for appropriating all those credit card accounts. While the number of credit cards on file won't reach the volume of a global online retailer, cyber criminals won't dismiss the bounty as insignificant. 

Mistake Are Both Big and Small

Imagine this scenario: an employee makes the mistake of signing into his/her personal email on an office computer. The employee then clicks on a spam email and unleashes a virus on the network. A malicious virus now seeks to steal information. Such a situation could play out at a Fortune 500 company or the previously mentioned yoga studio. And both examples have something in common: random chance. No elaborate plans went into effect to steal anything. The overused strategy of sending out phishing emails or a virus in email attachments continues to work. Even if only 1% of recipients falls for the emails, the effect can be enormous when sending out hundreds of thousands of spam emails. A lesson appears here: random attacks can work.

Deliberate Steps to Deal with Random Attacks

Reports of random cyber attacks causing problems for businesses should prompt some to take definitive action. Not working with a cyber security firm to address computer safety leaves a risky situation in place. Small business owners may wonder if they can afford elaborate cyber security assistance. Rather than wonder, why not contact a firm for an estimate? Often, a minimal amount of network security improvements can have a dramatic effect. Doing nothing at all, however, could leave disastrous security gaps in place.